Spray Paint Art on Fuel Tank using Sprayons Spray Paints

Excited by the blog post below? Dive into the blog and get a hands on tutorial on how to get the best finish for a project like this using Sprayons Spray Paints!   New project! This time we’re here to shatter a myth to prove that you can achieve a high quality paint finish using spray cans! With a flourescent… Read more →

Epoxy Resin Art: Pouring techniques with Haksons pigments

Recently we launched a set of pigments specialised for Haksons Epoxy Resin projects in our Haksons Resin Supplies category. At BohriAli, we are constantly working on new products which are used for new applications. These pigments are used for a number of applications along with our Haksons Epoxy Resin. We are demonstrating a few of the art pieces created and… Read more →

Casting Haksons Epoxy Resin tips

7 Tips for casting Haksons epoxy resin!

We have a lot of customers across India that purchase Haksons High Gloss Epoxy resin to cast into different shapes for a variety of applications. We have put together some tips for you to help you complete your casting projects. Hope this helps you on your way.   Haksons Epoxy Resin Casting Tips Start your project by making sure that the environment… Read more →

BohriAli customer testimonial

We visited one of our Online Customers and this is what he had to say!

Ever since we’ve started with BohriAli.com, our aim has been to extend the same service and experience that our customers get when they visit our shops in person in BohriAli, Pune. It is quite a task to do this when you’re shipping to locations across India from Bengal in the east to Gujarat in the west, Pathankot in the north,… Read more →

Haksons Resin and Hardener DIY Table Top Project

Haksons Resin and Hardener has been one of our signature products right from the time we launched BohriAli.com! It has also quickly turned into one of our top-selling products on our website with patrons ordering it for a number of applications like Jewellery, Art Coating, Glass Painting, Table Top, Home decor and much much more! The sheer amount of things… Read more →

sprayons spray paints thermocol safe

The perfect solution to use Spray Paints on Thermocol!

Sprayons Spray Paints has a range of Thermocol Safe Spray Paints available in a variety of shades. We put them to test and the video here gives you an idea of how Sprayons does on thermocol! Spray Paints are wonderful to use for all our decorative, finishing and industrial applications. Easy to use, not messy if used correctly and no… Read more →

loctite 7075, loctite primer, thread locker

Deciphering: Role and Types of Pre-Treatments to Strengthen Loctite Adhesives

Synthetic adhesives (such as anaerobic Loctite adhesives) find applications across various industries that includes Construction, Electronics, Marine, Sports, Automotive, Aerospace, and DIY hobbyist pursuits. Adhesives have been evolving over the years, now transforming into a wide range of products, ensuring there is a different, more specific type of adhesive for each joint, assembly system or surface. However, some basics have… Read more →

Selecting Spray Guns Made Easy

Paint spray gun is an innovative invention that can speedily and effectively cover a large surface with paint or any other protective coating. Contrary to the well-established belief that paint spray guns are just limited to spraying paint on wooden surfaces only, they have multiple other applications for instance they work well on materials such as metal, masonry, and brick.… Read more →

Guidelines for Buying Reliable Threadlockers

Threaded fasteners are basically detachable adhesive hardware, used in machinery design and assembly setups. Threadlockers are used to seal the gaps between the male and female threads of a threaded joint. Loctite threadlockers have emerged as the universal choice in this segment, found in practically every mechanical assembly unit. Some threadlockers are potent enough to provide permanent, holding together function… Read more →